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Entropy Project is a compilation of comics and graphic short-stories all based in the fantasy world of Entropy. Each collection of stories explores the lives of creatures and people living in a world where even abstract concepts are given form. From myths of twisted entities, to the journeys of souls trying to find their place in the chaos. ’Can stability be found in a chaotic world?’

About the Author

Hi! Call me Ru. I’m a Black, Bisexual author and artist from the UK. I've been writing and drawing since I was around ten. What started as a bit of personal escapism has slowly bloomed into a beloved passion and career. I’m also an editor for SanRoo Publishing, and have designed, edited, and written articles for professional magazines.

When I’m not staring at a computer-screen or my sketchbooks for most of the week, I’m playing video-games, listening to electronic music, or watching gaming live-streams and funny videos on history and mythology. I love bright colours and whimsical things. But I’m also a fan of Japanese folklore and anything slightly creepy. My favourite games are simple but with tons of personality, characters and rich hidden lore. My big favourites are Pokemon, Kirby, Splatoon and Pop’n Music.

The idea for Entropy Project kinda came out of nowhere. I had a really bad time at university, to a point where there were several nights where I wasn’t able to sleep. Somehow, during those nights, my mind would channel all the stress into making a ton of fantasy creatures. I’ll admit to being one of those people whose brain constantly spurts philosophical or existential rubbish at 2am. But some concepts were formed from inspirations that had kept me going, or weird dreams I’d had instead. Soon my notebook was full of sketches and story concepts I had no idea what to do with.

For a while, I just sat on them. I liked the idea of compiling them into an entire world, but didn’t know how to translate that into a story. A more-focused adventure narrative, or a collection of shorts, only connected by the setting?

It was Vyante that finally made me say “okay, I have to do something.” I loved hix character, and felt xe was strong enough to carry hix own narrative. But other narratives, like Glailey’s and Amaryl Carnival’s, were finally coming together at that point. I also wanted to keep some of the concepts as their own short stories, like myths from the world at-large. So I ultimately decided ‘why not do them all?’ Five stories, all focused on individual characters trying to make their own way. All with legend-like shorts sprinkled throughout. I began setting all of this up during my final year at university, with Glailey and Vyante’s stories as my dissertation, and the rest is history.

Anyway, I'll stop talking. I really hope you all enjoy this crazy little world I’ve created. And thank you to everyone who has beleived in me the whole way. I love working on this project, even with its struggles. Your views and support are always appreciated. I hope to improve the site and graphic short-story layouts, but if you have any suggestions or enquiries, feel free to email me or DM me on Twitter. I’m always open to constructive criticism.

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